Sadiq Damani

Dua, Ramadhan 2020

Commentary on the Shahr Ramadhan Dua: Allahumma Adkhil Alaa…

Lecture 1 - Du'a For After Salah

Lecture 2 - O Allah, give happiness to the people of the graves.

Lecture 3 - O Allah, Enrich every poor person

Lecture 4 - O Allah, Satisfy every hungry person

Lecture 5 - O Allah, Clothe every unclothed one

Lecture 6 - O Allah, Facilitate the Payment of every indebted one

Lecture 7 - O Allah, Relieve every deeply anguished one

Lecture 8 - O Allah, return every stranger

Lecture 9 - O Allah, free every captive

Lecture 10 - O Allah, Reform The Affairs Of The Muslims

Lecture 11 - O Allah, Cure Every Sick Person

Lecture 12 - O Allah, Fill Our Poverty With Your Needlessness

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