Sayed Bilal Rizvi – Ramadhan 2020

Qur'an, Ramadhan 2020

Themes from the Qur’an: Learning How to Study the Holy Book

Lecture 1 - Introduction: The Discipline of Quranic Commentary

Lecture 2 - A Survey of the Different Methods of Quranic Commentary

Lecture 3 - Introducing Thematic Commentary: Conversing with the Quran

Lecture 4 - Pondering Over the Quran: Overcoming a Superficial Reading

Lecture 5 - The Merits and Attributes of the Quran in its Own Words

Lecture 6 - The Honor of the Human Being in the Quran

Lecture 7 - Learning to Understand the History found in the Quran

Lecture 8 - The Groups of People Loved by Allah

Lecture 9 - The Virtues and Biography of the Lady Khadija (a.s.)

Lecture 10 - Ethical Guidelines in the Holy Book

Lecture 11

Lecture 12 - Interactive Session

Lecture 13

Lecture 14

A Return to a Traditional Worldview: Reconnecting with the Divine

Lecture 1 - What is the Remembrance of God?

Lecture 2 - What is a Worldview and How is it Formed?

Lecture 3 - Belief in the Unseen: Refuting Scientism

Lecture 4 - The Universality of Imam Ali: His Non-Muslim Admirers

Lecture 5 - The Undervalued Gem: Becoming Acquainted with Nahj al-Balagha

Lecture 6 - Shahadat of Imam Ali (a.s)

Lecture 7 - The Divine Names of God: Grandeur vs. Beauty

Lecture 8 - The Islamic Perspective on the Environmental Crisis

Lecture 9

Lecture 10

Lecture 11

Lecture 12

Lecture 13

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